Bridge is a Creative Management Agency. It means that our catalogue is made by talented people who we proudly represent. We work with international prized artists, both emerging and consolidated talents, in three disciplines: illustration, multidisciplinary design and video animation.

We connect our artists with clients in different fields, collaborating in a wide range of projects: corporate, music industry, advertising, packaging, editorial, fashion, space design, product and an endless list of possibilities.

We basically love to work with all clients that seek for distinctive artistic solutions for their projects, it doesn’t matter if they are big or small. That’s why we always work based on the needs of each idea, with a direct methodology and special attention to little details.

We foster the power of collaboration, that’s our expertise.



The creations of our artists fly around the globe as fast as the optical fiber. We work virtually with different markets, getting closer to our clients needs wherever they are.

But make sure to come over for a coffee if you are in Barcelona, where our main office is based.


Our artists have collaborated with: